The Politics of Middle Earth

Says Lloyd Hart, in the introduction to his article, The Racist Tapestry of Lord of the Rings:

I don’t imagine that it was the intention of the director or the producers of the Lord of the Rings films to paint a racist stereotypical tapestry over what could be described as a basic set of principles of humanity’s behavior in the natural environment and with each other.

Indeed. I can already tell that I’m going to enjoy this article. Racism in The Lord of the Rings, eh? Gee, I wonder what Lloyd’s political leanings are.

In these times when a homicidal maniac from Texas (the Texas capital punishment policy under Bush) has stolen the American throne and called for a “crusade” against the “evil doers” in nations that white people have been invading, terrorizing, raping and pillaging in for 5000 years with zero provocation…

Oh, OK. That answers that. Onto the story. He goes on to point out that all the dark stuff – dark skin, darkness, dark hair, etc. – is associated with Sauron. And then this tidbit jumps out:

Being part of a European family that has lived on the North American continent for 400 years I’ve been lucky enough to gain perspective that when you create an evil character (Uruk-hai) that resembles native Americans as they have done in the Lord of the Rings films a great deal of cultural and racial alienation will occur.

Maybe I’m just naive, but the Uruk-Hai didn’t make me think of Native Americans at all. In fact, I find that suggestion racist. For one thing, I’m fairly certain that Native Americans are born naturally, like other humans, and not bred by evil wizards bent on destroying the world’s natural resources. Secondly… never mind. I’m too tired for this right now. Comments are open everyone. Have at it. I’ll close with Lloyd’s closing thought…

After watching the Lord of the Rings films I thank the universe and Mother Earth for the Rap/hip-hop culture and the counterbalancing influence the Rap/hip-hop culture has on the youth here in America and around the world.

… and refrain from further comment.

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