Here was the planned schedule for the evening:
5:00-ish PM – Leave work
7:00 PM – Small Group
8:40 PM – I duck out of Small Group a few minutes early to make to my first guitar lesson in more than years
9:00 PM – Guitar lesson
10:00 PM – Check email
11:00-ish PM – Sleep

Here’s how it happened instead:
5:00-ish PM – Call from Jen: “Did you see the weather forecast?” “No.” “It’s supposed to start snowing any minute. We’re supposed to get 3-5 inches. Maybe we should cancel Small Group.” “OK, make the calls, but I’m still going to my guitar lesson.”
5:30-ish PM – Arrive home. Jen has called everyone but Charlene, but has called Terry who will contact Linda who will contact Charlene. I look at the forecast and decide maybe I should skip my lesson. I call my guitar teacher and cancel.
6:30 PM – It’s not doing anything outside. If it doesn’t start snowing soon, I’m calling my guitar teacher to see if I can have my lesson after all. Gracie decides to play guitar for a while, and so does Jen.
7:00 PM – Charlene arrives. Whoops. She’s totally cool about it, though, and goes furniture shopping instead.
7:30 PM – Still not doing anything outside. I’m calling my guitar teacher.
7:40 PM – Train of thought interrupted by arrival of father-in-law, who comes bearing gifts: a snowblower. Sweet! He upgraded and gave us his old one. Very cool. A brief but loud demonstration follows.
7:55 PM – Terry calls to ask if Charlene showed up. He had trouble contacting her. No problem.
8:00 PM – I call my guitar teacher. “Hey, it’s not doing anything outside.” “Come on over.”
8:30 PM – Bedtime for Gracie.
8:40 PM – I head out to guitar lessons.
9:15 PM – My 9:00 lesson begins. I learn many cool things.
9:50 PM – I leave for home. It has started to snow after all.

All in all, I’d call it a pretty cool evening.

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