Ladies and gentlemen, meet Tangelo.

Well, you can’t meet Tangelo yet, because it doesn’t exist yet. But you’ll be able to meet it soon.

Tangelo is (or rather, will be) a complete weblog solution. In Tangelo, the weblog, the database, and everything will reside on your own computer. You publish it to your web server when you see fit. At the start, Tangelo will support FTP publishing. I’d like to add support for WebDAV and local network publishing as well, but time will tell.

To use Tangelo, you’ll enter a new post, or story, or article, or whatever for your weblog. Give it a title, pick which sections to publish it to (think categories), and hit publish. Done. Well, after the files are transferred. Initially, I’d like to offer automatic support for RSS and Atom feeds.

I’d like to include some facility for including pictures in your weblog. Eventually I’d like to support bringing in raw images and providing tools for cropping and resizing them, but that’s a someday kind of thing. At first, it will be just a listing of pictures that you can include.

What other features would you like to see in a weblog system? (Don’t say spell-check.)

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