Tech Theatre Clarifications

OK, here’s the deal. The focus is not on technology and geekiness, but on snide, sarcastic comments and links to other connected movies and television shows. Although we certainly wouldn’t shy away from poking holes in ideas/theories/plot elements that are not technically feasible. Bill, you would fit right into this stuff. You, too, Josh.

Perhaps Tech Theatre wouldn’t be the best name.

Some examples.

During Sleepy Hollow, there were many references made to Constable Crane’s earlier assignments in local urban high schools (reference to 21 Jump Street for those who are keeping score). Of course, several times, it was also assumed that Constable Crane would neatly dispose of the horseman with his scissor hands.

Fellowship of the Ring: Welcome to Rivendell, Mr. Anderson (Hugo Weaving rules).

During 28 Days Later:
Brad: You know, I liked this better the first time I saw it… when it was called Night of the Living Dead.
Nicole: You can tell this is a European film, becuase most of these scenes aren’t doing anything to move the plot forward at all. Like that one. They’re just driving in a car and staring out the window. They wouldn’t have that scene in an American movie.
Brad: Or if they did, there would have been a kickin’ song playing in the background.
Nicole: Exactly.
Dave: That’s what’s better about non-Hollywood films. They have these character moments that just…
Mike: Suck?
Dave: No. They don’t have to be like American movies, which are…
Mike: Interesting?

Mike provided a play-by-play during Transformers, The Movie, most notably the scene toward the beginning of the movie where most of the good guys are brutally and rather inexplicably killed. “Oh, Ironhide’s tough. He’ll take them out… Oh, maybe not. I guess he’s dead. Well, here comes… Oh, never mind. He’s dead.” Although, truth be told, we were all at a loss for words during the scene that was accompanied by Weird Al Yankovic’s “Dare To Be Stupid.” That was just weird.

During Koyaanisqatsi: Life Out of Balance, well, actually this is a bad example. Mike and I could only stomach about three minutes of this nightmare. It’s awful. It’s worse than playing Myst, which, interestingly enough, also took me about three minutes to tire of.

And finally, the off-color example I don’t think I should post but I will anyway. In Attack of the Clones, when Anakin and Amidala are reunited, Anakin says, “I thought about you every day.” Mike added, “Sometimes twice a day.”

These are just the ones that spring to mind. Hopefully my Tech Theatre costars will provide more examples.

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