Post Partum

Frequency 1.5 has been released. More information can be found here. Months of effort went into this release, and even though I haven’t hardly advertised anything yet (seeing as it’s Sunday evening), I’ve already received a purchase notice. Cool!

The obvious question will be, “Why version 1.5? Shouldn’t it be 1.2?”

The answer is quite simple: I believe there’s enough new and improved stuff in here to warrant a point-5 version number. I went from supporting one weblog system to supporting six weblog systems – no small feat. This involved not only beefing up my routines for the Blogger API, but adding new routines for the metaWeblog API (which is very nice, by the way). I went from being able to edit only cached posts (those posts you’ve done since you last launched the app) to retrieving a much longer list of recent posts (twenty posts, I think). HTML previewing is improved, and I think it’s faster, too. I added support for titles and categories in metaWeblog systems, and even found a way to fake it for Blogger API systems (since the Blogger folks won’t let us have access to the real titles in the API).

And then there’s the price increase. Frequency was $6, now it’s $9. I’ll honor the $6 price until December 12, when it officially goes up to $9. And of course, already registered users get a free upgrade. But I think I’ve crammed more than three bucks worth of new stuff in there.

Now that fun part (the coding) is over, I get to start the part I truly dislike. The marketing. I am a horrible marketer. I try very hard to be a humble person, and there’s something so anti-humility about marketing your own stuff. “Hey, look at me!” But to honest, and this sounds far from humble, I think I’ve written one of the best, cleanest, easiest to use weblog clients around. I really believe that.

But since I hate marketing, would you mind helping me spread the word? Thanks.

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