The Life You Save

I passed my first aid/CPR/AED test this morning. That’s cool, because I’ve been meaning to brush up on CPR for a while now. Jen and I took some first aid training a few months back in our initial foster parent training class, but they didn’t cover CPR.

So, next time we’re together, please feel free to have a heart attack, break a bone, or burn yourself. Except for you, David: you’re done. No more of that.

Interestingly, the instructor taught me how to save someone’s life (or try valiantly) in about three hours and one written quiz. However, becoming a Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer takes about twelve weeks (if you take a typical class), and, what, seven major computer-based tests.

Of course, if our Active Directory ever goes down, it may well be a life-threatening situation for me (or possibly those around me).

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