That’s a horrible title, and I apologize.

Dave Winer has compiled a list of presidential candidates with weblogs. I don’t know why. I’m much more interested in a candidate’s stand on issues than I am in whether he or she has a Movable Type site running (and I did notice that most of these candidates are using Movable Type, which I think is pretty funny considering the source).

I like the whole idea of blogging, but it’s just writing. It’s nothing new. There’s nothing new under the sun.

And this whole thing: Meanwhile questions linger. Are today’s bloggers the modern-day Emersons and Thoreaus or Charlie Chaplin, PT Barnum or Erma Bombeck? Is blogspace a Second Superpower, a ride on the Cluetrain, the venue for the next election or is it even worse than it appears, just good enough to make a difference, or the revolution so many say it is? Gimme a break.

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