That squishing sound you hear is the sound of bugs in Frequency being squished. I’m almost ready for the 1.2 release. The big job left is real post editing, not the fake stuff I did in 1.1. I’ve already added some major goodness, with MetaWeblog and Movable Type support, and I’ve fixed some bugs from past versions (no, I don’t want to mention them here). The current beta expires on September 15, and I’d really like to have 1.2 released by then or shortly thereafter. I’m toying with the idea of a different HTML engine for previewing (Owen Yamauchi has done some fantastic work in this area; his HTML Field is astonishingly fast). Hopefully, this will be a minor change. If not, it will be put off until 1.3, along with some other planned goodies. After 1.3, I plan to dig in and start making progress on Frequency Pro.

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