Finishing Well

Chris Tomlin writes: From Dallas, we flew in to Orange County to be a part of the Saddleback Church worship conference. It was what I refer to as a top 5 night. Meaning that I thought it ranked maybe in my top 5 all time experiences in playing music.

Yep. I was there. It was amazing. Chris goes on:

It was one of those concerts you wish you had on a live cd.

I wish I had it on a live CD, too. He joked that night that he wished he had recorded it all so he could the MP3s on his web site for us to download. That would have been way cool.

I was so tired the night he came out to lead worship. We were all exhausted. We had finished three days of training, of conviction, and of very moving worship. By Friday night, the finale, I was ready to be entertained. I really didn’t want to worship. I just wanted to sit.

But within moments, I was on my feet.

We all were.

We had to be.

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