Big Monopoly On Campus

Washington Post: The corporation, however, has also directly or indirectly influenced curriculums and research priorities, drawing an outcry from critics who say the donations are turning computer science departments into vocational schools where mastery of proprietary computer programs are valued over the study of theory. This scares the daylights out of me. I remember a couple years back when Microsoft was offering professors kickbacks for using and endorsing their products in class. Wish I could find a link for that one, though.

Hey, Microsoft! I run Active Directory, and I have tons of machines running 2000 and XP. I still actively support NT 4 and Windows95 for crying out loud. Where’s my kickback? Huh?

Actually, I don’t need a kickback. If anything, I wish I could have back the two weeks I lost rebuilding Active Directory three times because Windows2000 is so sucktacular. Not to mention the sleep I lost over the long-standing, long-acknowledged, took-way-too-long-to-fix bug in AppleTalk services on a system with dual Intel NICs.

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