Orange Crush

Here it is:

We picked it up last night, during the extremely nasty storm (fierce wind, torrential rain, crashing lightning, booming thunder, frightening hail, and wratch and such).

Now I just need one of these so I can listen to my iPod and not fill the car with CDs like I did the wagon.

And no, Bill, I didn’t buy it just to spite you. I’ve actually been planning (hoping for) this for a while now. The deals they offered this month proved too great for us to resist. They offered $1,000 back for the downpayment, they offered zero percent financing for five years, they accepted our GM Card money (which they usually don’t do), and they offered me way more than I expected for my wagon. When we arrived to do the paperwork, the salesman said, “Oh yeah, we found at lunchtime today that we’re offering an additional thousand dollars back.” So, that knocked another $1,000 from the loan amount.

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