Frequency Update

Um, yeah. Despite all appearances, Frequency is not dead. Development continues. When Frequency 1.2 is released (hopefully in August), it will sport a new interface, support for more weblogging systems (Movable Type, GeekLog with the Blogger plugin, Radio, pMachine, EraBlog.NET, and anything Blogger API/MetaWeblog API compatible), and better post editing.

Truth be told, better post editing is what’s killing me right now.

If you’re interested in a beta of 1.2, contact me and I’ll hook you up.

And the burning question: Will Frequency support Pie/Echo/Not Echo/Atom? The burning answer: I don’t know. The move to SOAP instead of XML-RPC complicates matters. As long as the existing systems (particularly Blogger and Movable Type) continue to support their old APIs, I probably won’t rush to implement Pie/Echo/Not Echo/Atom. By the time they finalize the spec, I hope to have Frequency Pro comfortably in beta.

Frequency Pro? Yep. Self-contained desktop blogging system. Only server-side requirement is PHP, and even that’s not definite yet (but very likely).

Holy cow, it’s almost 12:30. Good morning and good night.

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