Outer Banks, Day Two (Saturday, 5/31)

Read Day One here.

We woke up in Pocomoke and took showers of varying temperatures before enjoying our complimentary continental breakfast. We hit the road and headed south, and since we were still hungry, we stopped for breakfast someplace in Virginia. Maybe I shouldn’t have been wearing my Microsoft Office 2000 t-shirt, or maybe we just looked a bit too Yankee, because they put us in a room all by ourselves. We ordered their breakfast buffet. Mary wondered if it was all-you-can-eat. I told her I was pretty sure that’s why it was called a buffet. Jen asked the same question later, and got the same answer.

We headed south again, taking the Chesapeake Bay Bridge Tunnel, which is really cool. We stopped at Seagull Pier out in the middle of the bay. Jen and I walked the length of the fishing pier with Grace and Dad.

We headed south again. Jen and I were checking out all the buildings, and we decided that you can tell a lot about a community by looking at its school.

We arrived in Corolla around 2:00, I guess, but we weren’t allowed in the house until 4:00, even though we had the keycard. Sam and Kevin (more friends of the family) were waiting there for us when we arrived. Mom and Mary took Jen, Grace, and me for a walk around the neighborhood, showing us the pool and how to get to the beach (about two and a half blocks away). There was a sign at the pool that said you needed a pass to get in. Mom said they never checked, so not to worry about it. There was a couple at the pool who quite obviously wanted to be alone. We left before long and went to the ocean. Grace and Jen went down to the water. Mom, Mary, and I stayed up on top of the dunes.

We really wanted to get in the house early, but the doors apparently had timers on them. We tried at 3:28 and couldn’t get in. I joked to my Dad that we’d get a nasty note from the real estate agents saying, “Our records indicate that you attempted entry at 3:28 PM. You will be charged accordingly.”

Clair and Mary Anne, Jen’s parents, arrived around then in their brand new VUE, which made me sick with jealousy. The VUE is the only car I’ve ever lusted after, but I did get to drive it.

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