Outer Banks, Day Three (Sunday, 6/1)

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This was Sunday, our first full day at the beach house. Right away, it was determined that, for reasons best left unknown, my mother is no longer allowed to cook bacon for large groups of people. On a completely unrelated note, we also discovered that Mary Anne is pretty much a drop-in replacement for my Grandma, who no longer feels up to making the trip. With either one around, no one goes hungry, and no dish goes unwashed.

Mary Anne quickly discovered, and was compelled to announce, that Jen and I take long showers. My response was pretty much, “Yeah, well.” I figure I pay for my water and I pay to have it heated, so I’ll stay in there all day if I feel like it. And for the record, Jen takes longer showers than I do.

Clair, Mary Anne, Grace, Jen, and I decided to take a day trip. We started out by visiting the North Carolina Aquarium. It wasn’t as fancy as some, but it was nice, and it was inexpensive. Grace had a great time.

Then we took in the Elizabethan Gardens, once we actually found them. It took awhile, but it was okay, because I was driving the VUE and thoroughly enjoying it. The gardens were lovely. The best part was Grace’s constant search for water fountain. We passed one by and she took a quick drink, but wasn’t satisfied. From then on, she was convinced that we were near one.

We almost didn’t get lunch. We spent the entire drive from Roanoke back to Corolla being passive aggressive; nobody would say where they wanted to eat. So we just kept driving and getting hungrier and hungrier. Finally, we found a place in Duck called the Duck Deli. It was really good. Excellent barbecue sauce. One the way back, we also stopped at Nags Head Hammocks, where I almost fell asleep in one of their demo units.

We got back the beach house and got into the hot tub, or as Grace liked to call it, the hot pool.

After dinner, we made some s’mores on the grill and watched the first half of Bandits.

Stay tuned for Day Four and more pictures.

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