House Guest

We have a visitor with us this week. She’s the two-year-old daughter of our church’s youth leaders (who are also good friends of ours). They’re up in Hershey with our youth group and some other kids for this year’s Creation East festival. So she’ll be with us until Sunday. Should be interesting.

The first thing I found when I came home was Grace and our guest sitting on Grace’s bed. Grace was reading to her, which is funny since Grace can’t read. But was paging through a book and telling her the story. My first thought was, “I should be taping this.” My second thought was, “This is going to work out fine. They’re getting along great.” Then Grace saw me, hopped off her bed, marched up to me, and said, “Daddy, guess what? She’s hogging the bed!”

You can guess what my third thought was.

Truth be told, it’s an interesting experiment for us, since we’re looking into adoption and/or fostering.

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