Slashback. No, Wait…

OK, time to dig through some links I’ve been meaning to post. The True Story of Emma will have to wait until tomorrow night.

Some hoser wants Oreos to be banned because they’re not good for you. Here’s a clue, fella: don’t eat ’em. Problem solved.

The perfect formula for box office success has allegedly been discovered. Read more here. Related Slashdot discussion (always enlightening) here.

Eminem is following in Coolio’s footsteps by stifling Weird Al’s creativity: You’ll just have to listen to the song and close your eyes and imagine what might have been. If I were an accomplished musician, I would consider it an honor to be parodied by Al Yankovic. Strangely, we were discussing “Amish Paradise” at last Tuesday’s Elder Meeting.

Tom Yager, who has made the switch to Apple, talks about UNIX: I get the irony that the free software movement came into being largely because of onerous Unix licensing terms.

Ever heard of the SWAG algorithm? I hadn’t either, until I looked it up here.

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