How Nice Of You To Flutter By

Grace has a new friend. The chrysalis we’ve had in our home for past month or so opened up today. Mrs. Butterfly isn’t faring well, though. At least one wing is broken, and she can’t fly. She’s trying, but she can’t get off the ground.

So Grace took her with us everywhere today, except church. Mrs. Butterfly came along to Jen’s parents’ for lunch and to my sister’s for dinner.

This morning, Grace looked at me and said, “What do butterflies eat?” Now, I’m no expert on bugs, but I like to have an answer when my daughter needs one, even if it means making it up (yes, I realize the trouble this could cause later; in fact, she already told her preschool teacher that I’m Batman, but that’s another story). I said, “Probably grass and leaves.” So she grabs a handful of grass and offers it to the butterfly, saying, “Here you go, little guy.”

She’s so sweet that it almost breaks my heart sometimes. I think she would given anything to see Mrs. Butterfly able to fly off on her own.

And of course, come back to live in Grace’s room.

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