Check Here If You’re Visiting With Us. Check Here If You’re a GIANT SNAKE.

I really like my church. It was very humid this morning, and I was thankful to attend a church where I can wear shorts, a polo, and my sandals without anyone complaining about how I look or dress. And I’m one of the worship leaders!

The first church I was heavily involved in was very much into appearances. One morning I conducted the congregation in singing hymns and I got in trouble because I didn’t have socks on. I was wearing a suit and tie, and standing behind a podium, and somehow one of the elders noticed I didn’t have socks on. Of course, as was the custom at that church, no one came to me directly and asked me to wear socks in the future. It was just a lot of whispering and silent judging.

We had an interesting visitor in church today, too. My pastor told me ahead of time that there would be a snake in the service. He’s been preaching on Genesis, and today was Genesis 3, with the serpent trying to deceive Eve. And succeeding. He wanted a snake to use as a visual aid. No problem, I thought, expecting maybe a garter snake or a black snake.

Nope. In walk two guys from the local pet store with a freakin’ twelve foot, eighty pound, albino Burmese Python.

I stayed behind the snack table in the back of the room.

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