Frequency Update

I’ve pretty much been taking a break from working on Frequency this weekend. I’ve been spending time with Gracie and, with help from my father-in-law, finishing up the plumbing. The copper is almost all gone; we’re almost all CPVC plumbing now. Not that there’s anything wrong with copper; but CPVC is sure a lot easier to work with and fix. No leaks yet!

Now I need to knuckle on the Windows build of Frequency. It’s about 95% there. The first release on Windows will be 1.1, and will coincide with the 1.1 release for Mac Classic and Mac OS X. From then on, I hope to keep the versions and feature sets in synch. I plan to have 1.1b2 (second beta) out to Windows testers this week. Kudos to Bill, by the way, who has not only taken to blogging like a fish to water, but is full of ideas about Frequency. Thanks, Bill. I knew there was a reason I picked you for my best man!

Been spending a lot of time reading the REALbasic lists this weekend. What a flamefest!

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