From MSNBC: In the end,

From MSNBC: In the end, some analysts insisted, it doesn’t matter if West Europeans despise U.S. policies, so long as they buy American products, go to American movies, and remain too weak and divided to challenge American hegemony.

Google has been ranked as the number one brand in the world, with Apple in second place. Coca-Cola, long held to be the once and future king of brand recognition, has slipped to third place. Starbucks and Ikea rounded out the top five.

Pencil Pushers Prevail in age of PC, a reprint of a 1999 article from the Lancaster Sunday News.

This accident caused commute to go from 27 minutes to two hours. I was frustrated trying to get home so Jen could get to her Moms’ Group on time, but to be honest, I’m just glad to be alive. I didn’t know any details of the accident until just now. Apparently, one of the passengers in the car didn’t make it. That’s really sad news. Gracie was worried about it, too. She asked why I was so late, and I told her what I knew about the accident. Immediately, she wanted to know if anyone was hurt, like maybe a broken leg. I told her I didn’t know but I would look it up tonight. And now I know. Hopefully she’ll forget and won’t ask me tomorrow.

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