Big development. Microsoft has acquired

Big development. Microsoft has acquired Connectix, makers of VirtualPC, RAM Doubler, and the venerable Mode32 (if you know what Mode32 is, you’re as big a nerd as I am). Microsoft acquired Connectix for the virtual server stuff, but for a good chunk of today, the question of what would happen to VPC was up in the air. Would Microsoft kill it? Or would they cease development of their native Mac software and tell all Mac users to buy VPC? According to A Microsoft executive said the company did not purchase the software to kill it, nor does Microsoft plan to stop developing its native Macintosh software, such as the Mac OS X version of Office. Whew.

That’s a relief. Strange as it is, VirtualPC is a key product on the Mac. More here and here.

And speaking of Microsoft, here’s an article about the origins of WindowsNT and its evolution into Windows Server 2003. It’s an interesting read, if a bit fanboyish.

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