A Less Than Beautiful Day In The Neighborhood

Patrick Norton writes about making the switch.

A great product is no more: BBEdit Lite, the free one. That’s a shame, because it was an awesome text editor. Now it costs $50 and it’s called Text Wrangler, which, while I love Bare Bones, is a horrible freakin’ name.

Very sadly, a great man is no more. Fred Rogers will be missed. I grew up watching his show. My Mom continued to watch it even after I left home. He was such a wonderful influence on kids. Very sad news.

John Perry Barlow: As it turned out, this is more or less what Cheney and his phalanx of Big Stategic Thinkers were doing, if one imagined the Soviet Union as a speeding Mexican bus. They were determined to project such a vision of implacable, irrational, lethality that the Soviet leaders would decide to capitulate rather than risk universal annihilation. It worked. Fascinating article. John Perry Barlow, one of the smartest guys around, writing about Dick Cheney, whom he considers to be one of the smartest guys around.

Here’s an article that perfectly echos the criticisms I have against web-based applications.

Finally, before I go to bed, one last article. A very sad one.

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