Went back to Innabah (doesn’t

Went back to Innabah (doesn’t look like the site is quite complete yet) this weekend. Wow, we haven’t been there since before we got married. The last time Jen and I were there together was in 1992 for a reunion dinner for the 1991 summer staff. I’d been there a few times since then to do computer work. It was fun to show Gracie the place we had worked years ago. She thought that was pretty neat.

We were there to help build up a Praise Band for Saint Paul’s United Methodist Church in Mountville, PA. What a great time. I spent Saturday teaching their musicians and singers a bunch of my favorite praise and worship songs. I must have been driving them harder than I thought, because by evening, they looked like a bunch of zombies.

Saturday night was a commitment service for the team. It wasn’t what I expected. We wanted to present salvation to each of the kids on the team (the praise band is mostly kids from the youth group). But, as it turns out, I don’t think any of them needed that. They were very mature, and they impressed me very much with their dedication to the Lord and their desire to serve.

But we got to see some real brokenness on Saturday night. A lot of walls fell down; some were torn down. There were tears of sorrow and tears of joy. It ended with the members of the praise band laying hands on Charlie, the worship leader, and praying over him. It was very moving, even for those of us who were really just along for the ride, so to speak, and not part of the team.

This morning, Jen and I spent about an hour leading an intimate time of worship for them. I don’t usually like to talk when I’m leading worship; I’m more music-oriented. But this morning I found myself talking about various scriptures and stories, really tying a lot of things together. When we were done with the worship time, I was really and truly exhausted.

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