Oh, puke. Now that Apple

Oh, puke. Now that Apple has released the majorly butt-kickin’ Safari, Opera wants to take its ball and go home. Says the CEO: “I’m not a quitter, and our company isn’t a quitter, but it really is up to Apple,” said Jon von Tetzchner, chief executive of privately held Opera. “The Mac platform may not be viable for us any longer.” They don’t want to compete with Apple on Apple’s turf. Not that I blame them, but then why do they compete with Microsoft on Microsoft’s turf? Does anybody even use Opera on the Mac, anyway? And why would anybody pay for a browser these days?

By the way, Safari is now my default browser. I still miss tabbed browsing, sometimes painfully so, and I still find myself firing up Chimera for some things, but for the most part, it’s Safari all the way.

MacSlash: Can I Make Money Writing Shareware for the Mac? I freakin’ hope so. Otherwise that’s $300 down the drain for that copy of REALbasic.

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