Step away from the TV,

Step away from the TV, and nobody gets brainwashed.

Why can’t we divide by zero? Here’s a good explanation.

It’s just my luck that I’d miss those two days.” – PHB.

Dave’s laptop tanked yesterday. No amount of coaxing could get it to boot up again. So we threw a FireWire cable on it and backed up his Users folder to Moe on my trusty ole graphite G4 (Moe had more free space than either Larry or Curly). He re-installed Jaguar and now all is well again. He thinks QuickMail caused the crash. I tend to agree, but I haven’t ruled out Chimera yet. I’m sticking with Mozilla anyway.

By the way, I read an interesting blurb about the name Mozilla. The original browser was, as many are aware, Mosaic. Mozilla is short for Mosiac-killer.

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