Curly died this week. Curly

Curly died this week.

Curly was the Mac OS 9 drive in my graphite G4 at work. I have three drives in it: Curly (OS 9), Larry (OS X 10.1.5), and Moe (OS X 10.2.2). That’s so I can run Network Assistant 3.5.2, Remote Desktop 1.0, and Remote Desktop 1.1 at need. It’s a nice setup.

But then Curly died. I tried as hard as I could, but I was unable to bring him back to life. So I replaced the now-defunct Quantum driver with a nice, shiny Seagate named (of course) Shemp.

(Now, if I really wanted to be true to the spirit of the stooges, I would have put in a cloned image of Curly and named it Joe, but that would have been a bit too weird. Besides, it would have died pretty quickly if history is any indication.)

Then today, I backed up Scooby, my PowerBook, and blew it away. A clean install of Jaguar later, I’m back in business. The only thing I forgot to restore before I left work is my games. Doh! But fortunately I carry my Tony Hawk Pro Skater CD in my computer bag, so I can re-install that if I need a fix.

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