Well, this is pretty freaking

Well, this is pretty freaking cool: updating your Radio weblog with .Mac. Of course, I don’t use Radio since I wrote a program to do everything I need it to do, and I don’t use .Mac because I can’t justify $100 a year for an email account and some web space (I mean, I administer a CommuniGate Pro box at work, I know how cheap email can be). But, just the same, this is very cool.

Wow, I haven’t been posting a for a while. I’ve been cranking away at HelpDesk 2, which is going to rock unbelievably. I’m doing all the work at home to avoid any conflict of interest. I’m learning more and more about REALbasic, object oriented programming (sometimes I learn a little bit too late, though), SQL, and PostgreSQL.

And now, James Milne of Essence Software has resurfaced after a long hibernation, only to give away SuperSocket for free, along with the code. And under a BSD-style license no less! And he’s continuing work on MozPlug, which makes me want to dance when I think about it.

Plus rumors that REALbasic 5 will support UDP Sockets. It’s all coming together.

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