You know what? The Blogger

You know what? The Blogger API, while awesome and elegant, is flaky. I don’t think I can create a product based on it. It hasn’t been publishing correctly for about two months. While I don’t doubt Pyra’s ability to get it working, I don’t know if I want to create and support software that depends on it.

For that reason, I’m thinking about taking Frequency in a different direction. Think of it as Blogger on the desktop. Radio meets iTools. Your template, your posts, and your pages all live on your computer. The publishing engine is on your computer. Your archives are on your computer. You can publish to any web server you can get to over FTP. There’s no reliance at all on anything other than your computer and your web server. I think this could be a big hit in schools.

Now I’m excited. Of course, it means a complete rewrite, but it’s more in line with my eventual goals for Frequency anyway.


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