I am continuing work on

I am continuing work on the Blogger API in REALbasic, and making quite a bit of progress. So far I can send new posts (the most important part of the program, really), get a list of a user’s weblogs, and I wrote a link manager, so if there are certain links you use often, you can store right in the program. The biggest problem I’m having is that sometimes I can send a new post, but it fails to publish. After a look of work on my part, I found out via the BloggerDev mailing list that due to an internal change, publishing from external tools calling to the Blogger API is likely to fail for the next week or so. Kind of annoying, but at least I feel better knowing that my code isn’t the problem.

For what it’s worth, I’m posting this from the 0.1a2 (early alpha 2) version of the program. It should be in beta sometime next week (assuming certain software upgrades on my part). If you would like to help with beta testing, please email me. All you need is a weblog through Blogger with the FTP username and password saved on Blogger’s server.

Hmmmm . . . I just realized, by using the program for this post, that I forgot to add a “Select All” method to the link editor. Back to work . . .

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