Hmmmm. BlogPoster appears to be

Hmmmm. BlogPoster appears to be working again. Not sure what was up. I can only assume it was something with Blogger, because I didn’t change anything on my end. Oh, well, at least it’s working now.

Tommorow I’m helping a friend (also my part-time employer) migrate her PowerBook G4 over to Mac OS X. She’s ready to make the jump. Of course, she’s been listening to me rant and rave about OS X since the release of 10.1. She owns a marketing and design firm, and she’s still deciding when to take her artists to OS X. Most of the tools are there now: Photoshop, Illustrator, and QuarkXPress. Oh, wait, Quark isn’t ready yet!!

Saw the first half of Office Space this week. Pretty funny movie so far. I’m watching the rest this weekend.

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