Revisiting my New Year’s Resolutions,

Revisiting my New Year’s Resolutions, just after the Ides of March.

1) Push weight down to 180 (currently 198)

Currently 187. Pretty close, considering I started the year at 198.

2) Read through the entire Bible (along with my wife)

Coming along nicely. I just finished I Samuel 8, which puts me right on schedule (actually, a day ahead). She’s ahead of me. A little friendly competition helps the motivation.

3) Finish rewriting my HelpDesk program in REALbasic and PostgreSQL (right now it’s in FileMaker Pro)

This is the toughest one. My REALbasic skills are coming along. I’ve kind of sidetracked into XML-RPC for a little while, but that’s OK — it’s all good. My PostgreSQL skills are probably fine for what I want to do with HelpDesk.

4) Move to Mac OS X full time (with no Classic on my machine)

I made strides toward this. GoLive 6, Office X, and QuickMail Pro 3 (as much as I just barely tolerate QuickMail Pro) help a lot. I tried the Corel Graphics Suite (native), and that’s OK for most jobs, but sometimes when I need to get down and dirty, I still need Photoshop and ImageReady, and I don’t have version 7 yet (and probably won’t until summer).

5) Renovate my bathroom (late 1950’s pink)

This will depend largely on what HealthGuard decides to do about Jen’s surgery. If they agree to pay it, which they absolutely should in my opinion, then we will have some money to put toward the bathroom.

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