By Monday, April 8, I

By Monday, April 8, I should part of the Comcast network. Finally. After four years of waiting, calling, listening to excuses and evasive answers, and more waiting, my cable modem is actually in the mail.

And this isn’t an April Fool’s Joke, either!

But, it wasn’t without its wrinkles. When I called Comcast, the very friendly rep (their reps have always been friendly, even when contradicting each other) told me there were three ways to get online: wait for a self-install kit, wait for a technician to come out and hook me up, or go to Circuit City and buy the kit and modem, in which case I could be up and running today. Hey, I’ve been waiting four years already, so I went out to Circuit City.

The nice fellow at Circuit City took my info and then told me that I wasn’t able to sign up for service because it wasn’t available for me (despite my having been told just the opposite by Comcast thirty minutes earlier). Then, he offered to sell me the cable modem anyway, but said he couldn’t sell me the self-install kit. I just looked at him. I said, “Well, this won’t do me any good without the install kit, now will it?”

“Well, no,” he said. I placed both items back on the shelf and left. It’s one thing to tell me I can’t get the service when I can, but then to try to sell me a $100 cable modem that would be useless to me without the service . . . unbelievable.

So, anyway, another call to Comcast and I’m waiting for my self-install kit to arrive via UPS. They said it will arrive by Monday.

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