We went to the mall

We went to the mall to get my daughter’s Valentine pictures taken tonight. She’ll be three in May. While we waited for the pictures to be developed, we took her to the play area at the mall’s lower level.

Quite honestly, I don’t think most people teach their children anything about manners or behavior anymore. My daughter is no angel, and I’m certainly not a perfect father, but I was really disgusted at the way some of the children there acted. One child in particular — his name was Dominic — was running laps around the play area, knocking over any child in his way. And wouldn’t you know it? He knocked over my daughter.

I picked her up and comforted her the best I could, but I came to a hard realization. Someday, somewhere, somebody’s going to hurt my little girl. And I won’t be there to pick her up again and hold her until she’s all better.

That’s rough. That’s hard for me to take.

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