MSNBC: Inside the Taliban Religious

MSNBC: Inside the Taliban Religious Police”. The Taliban banned music and other forms of light entertainment, and the confiscation of audiocassettes and musical instruments took up a good deal of the religious police’s time . . .

Bob Young, via Yahoo: Red Hat CEO says Linux Won’t Rule. If you’re IVI and your machine goes down in your lab, you call Microsoft and you say “There’s a bug in here somewhere”, Microsoft says, “No there isn’t, you’ve done something wrong.” And so your only solution is to take the machine out, decontaminate it, and then do the reverse process, and it’s a huge pain. And of course, the related Slashdot discussion is here.

My PowerBook went back to Apple today. It’s getting a new DVD-ROM drive. The old never really worked right. When it comes back, it’s time for a much needed clean install of Mac OS X. I’ve installed a ton of database engines (OpenBase, FrontBase, mySQL, PostgreSQL, etc.) to tinker with in REALbasic. They all came with great OS X installers–but no uninstallers.

Recommended listening: Tolkien’s Fellowship of the Ring, read by Rob Inglis. I’ve been listening for over a week in my car. It’s awesome. And speaking of Lord of the Rings, you have to see this movie. I laughed out loud watching it.

For kicks, check out McSweeney’s True Tech Support Stories. There’s stuff in here I can relate to.

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