Jakob Nielsen just keeps getting

Jakob Nielsen just keeps getting more annoying. His latest column asserts that better software design is not a strategy of Steve Jobs. As a full time user of Mac OS X, I have to respectfully disagree.

Slashdot: Is Evolution Over in Human Beings? Interesting discussion. Of course, anyone who dares suggest that God created the world is immediately branded a narrow-minded bigot, full of religious bias. What I find interesting is that I know many anti-Creation folks who hold as strong a religious bias as most Christians. It’s just the opposite direction. They don’t believe in God, and nothing anyone does will convince. So they can’t even entertain the notion of Creation. Do I have proof of Creation? No. Do I demand it? No. I believe in Creation. I don’t believe in evolution. Am I narrow-minded? I like to think not, but I welcome each person to draw his or her own conclusion.

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