Ahhh. My machine has a

Ahhh. My machine has a fresh, clean copy of Mac OS X and Mac OS 9. Freed up quite a bit of hard drive space. Had a few troubles with data migration.

My boss told me that you could just move your OS X user folder from the old machine to the new. Well, I did, and all of my stuff was unusable since it was now all owned by root. Crap. So I went to the Terminal and fixed it, so it wasn’t a big deal. But it was a pain.

My iTunes library became hopelessly corrupt somehow, so I had to recreate that. And my Tony Hawk saved games had their permissions all screwed up. But that was easy to fix.

The hardest part was pruning fonts from my old OS 9 folder. I had a lot of dead weight in there.

Check Slashdot’s new Apple section. Nice.

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