Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-09-20

Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-09-13

  • Just completed a 2.05 mi walk – Grace just finished week 3 of C25k :). #RunKeeper #
  • PHPing the morning away. #
  • PHP is such a weird language. I swear half of it's nothing more than black magic. Can't believe some of this stuff works. #
  • Hey @jack.jill.maddie you wanna do a mile run in October? You'll be ready! #
  • Mmmm. Good snack. 1 cup cheerios + 1 banana + 2 cups Turkey Hill sugar free choc ice cream + a bunch of fat free Cool Whip. Mix well. ๐Ÿ™‚ #
  • Just completed a 3.03 mi run – Wanted to go further but it's supposed to be a taper week. #RunKeeper #
  • This morning on my way to work I got cut off by a lady with a "Coexist" bumper sticker. #
  • Sitting in top bunk while my son tries 2 sleep. He was home sick from school 2day. Managed 2 keep down rice, prostate ginger ale & banana. Poor kid. #
  • Up way too late, buy but I just came up with a great design for one of the websites I'm working on. #
  • I need a new profile picture. I'm down 40 pounds since the current one was taken. #
  • Just completed a 4.04 mi run – Saw a dead snake on the road. I hate that. #RunKeeper #
  • These are the days I hate living in the country, try when they're spraying liquid manure all over the fields. It smells so bad you can taste it. #
  • Curious to hear what @nevmonster and others think of this: #
  • RT @robkroese: I'm hereby offering 10 free copies of THE FORCE IS MIDDLING to Rev. Terry Jones for burning. //awesome #
  • The Muppets' Name Etymology:
    Awesome. ๐Ÿ™‚ #
  • AppStorm is giving away 5 copies of the Alfred Powerpack. They should really give one of then to me. ๐Ÿ™‚ #
  • Subway for lunch. Jared would be proud. #
  • This one goes out to @doctor_bob and @billyfens :
    Thought of you both when I saw this. #
  • It's a beautiful day.
    Don't let it get away. #
  • Just completed a 2.07 mi run – This one's for you, Michael :). #RunKeeper #
  • In nine hours I will begin running a half marathon. In eleven and a half hours, I'll be done. Time for some sleep. #
  • My next tweet will be @runkeeper reporting a 13.1 mile run. Let's go! #
  • Just completed a 13.14 mi run – I made it. #RunKeeper #

Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-09-06

  • Just completed a 1.91 mi run – Grace started week 3 of C25k tonight. #RunKeeper #
  • Updates for Angry Birds, there Fragger, seek and The Creeps?!? Rock on! #
  • Band practice is one of my favorite times of the week. ๐Ÿ™‚ #
  • Just completed a 4.00 mi run – Didn't feel great about that run but my calves are still magnificent. #RunKeeper #
  • Wishing I was at the @Weezer show in Allentown. ๐Ÿ™ #
  • Just completed a 2.29 mi run – C25k Wk3 Day 2 with Grace. #RunKeeper #
  • รขโ‚ฌล“@jackjillmaddie: Just completed Week 3 – Day 2 of #C25K with @c25kapp #c25kapp โ‚ฌย woohoo! go Grace! #
  • Anybody else out there using iTunes Ping yet? #
  • Heading to Radio Shack. You will never find a more wretched hive of scum and villainy. #
  • Just completed a 4.73 mi run – If running is 90% mental then my brain must be weak. #RunKeeper #
  • Well that's not how I wanted to start the workday. ๐Ÿ˜› #
  • Stupid ColdFusion. #
  • .@nevmonster those chia seeds could totally help with my male pattern baldness! in reply to nevmonster #
  • Pizza. Is there anything it can't do? #
  • Just completed a 10.07 mi run – Gorgeous day for a run. #RunKeeper #
  • That 10 mile run tore my stomach to pieces. Not a comfortable feeling. #
  • Guitar Center. #
  • Picked up a small PA system at Guitar Center's Labor Day sale today. ๐Ÿ™‚ #
  • My breakfast looks happy. #
  • These off-brand "construction blocks" are really crappy compared to actual Lego blocks. #ghettolego #
  • The brand name is "Best-Lock" but they should really call them "Nev-r-Click" #ghettolego #
  • If you have an iPhone, iPod touch, or iPad, you need this game: #
  • Just completed a 5.07 mi run – Took a whole different route today. #RunKeeper #